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You can now tour a rental home and assess whether it fits your needs at your convenience. The steps to book an appointment are mentioned below . Please make sure that you download the Rently appointment booking guide pdf by clicking here


Step 1

Find the Rently link in the property listing to schedule a self showing


Call the Leasing agent directly

If you find a rental home on our website that’s available for rent, click the Rently link and schedule a self showing asap.

The Leasing agent’s contact number is mentioned in the Listing itself

The Rently registration doesn’t take more than 2 minutes . The registration instructions details are mentioned in Step 2

Step 2

How to Register with Rently

1. Go to

2. In the upper right corner, click “Renter Sign In”

3. Under “Don’t have a login yet?”, click the Sign Up button

4. Enter your mobile phone number and click the Verify Phone via Text button. You should receive a text with a Rently PIN #.

5. A fee of $0.99 will be charged for self-service tours reserved online

Step 3

Provide your mobile number and your credit card info to receive a pass-code for the smart lock installed on the property

This will secure your reservation and enable you to tour the property on your own time*

A pass-code will arrive via text message which can be used to open the lockbox on the rental home’s front door.

Note : To unlock the door of the property , Enter # symbol and then the Rently PIN , and then followed by (# symbol) or (check mark key) to enter the property

The door will automatically lock if you shut it close

Step 4

Additional Information

1. Regardless of whether you call or book online, a mobile phone and credit card* are required to receive the lockbox code so you can access the property. You are responsible to lock up, and treat the property with respect.

2. If you prefer to schedule a showing with our local leasing agent, please call the Leasing Agent directly (The Leasing agent number is mentioned in the Property Listing) or email us at with a time and day that is best for you. If you are ready to apply, please go to and select APPLY NOW from the property listing.

Step 5

Tour the home and apply right away

Enter the home and inspect at your leisure. Directly after departing the home and re-locking the lockbox (don’t forget!), you will receive an email with an application link and survey. Apply right away or send us your feedback!

*The credit card will be kept on file in case of damage to rental home during self-service tour.