RHSS Rentals – Cash Payment via RentMoney

 Rent Money Tenant Guide

What is RentMoney?

RentMoney is the new payment platform offering more payment options for your convenience. With RentMoney, you can now take your cash payments and convert them into a secure ACH electronic transaction, fully integrated with your Property Management Company’s information- all you’ll need to do is to generate your tenant voucher.

How to Generate your Voucher?

The first step in generating your voucher is to log into your Tenant Portal.
From the home screen, click on the My Payments tab at the top of the page and scroll to find the option for Make a One-Time Payment.


Next, you’ll see all of the payment options offered to you, now including the cash payment option- RentMoney. To select this option, click on the bubble to the left and then click Continue.


The Cash Payment screen will now list the current balance to be paid on your ledger. To pay the full balance, simply click on the bubble to the left of the Balance line item to select. If your Property Management Company accepts partial payments, you can enter in the amount to pay below instead. You will see different verbiage on this screen if Partial Payments are not allowed, and in that case, only the full balance is allowed to be paid.

Now, you will click Cash Payment Voucher to print out your specific payment voucher. You can either print or save an electronic copy to your mobile device.


Sample Payment Voucher:

The cash payment voucher will include the Biller Name (RentMoney), your Account Number, your Name, Payment Amount, Bill Payment Fee (3.75) and Total Payment Amount.

The account code generated on your voucher is a unique number that will never be changed or duplicated for another tenant- and is what ties your cash payment to your tenant ledger.


Retail Location

You can locate a designated payment location by clicking on Search Payment Centers on the payment screen and then enter in a zip code. There are over 25,000 participating U.S. Retail locations partnering with CheckFeePay to allow for cash payments!


Cash Payment Validation

Once at the payment location, simply hand your payment voucher to the employee and tell them you want to pay your RentMoney bill. The employee will then process your transaction for your payment, along with a $3.75 bill payment fee collected at the time of payment. If the employee has any problems processing the RentMoney transaction, please ensure to contact the store manager for assistance.

Once complete, Your Property Management Company will immediately see the transaction reflected on your ledger! You will receive a payment receipt from the in store employee and through your email!


1. What do you need to make your RentMoney payment?
You will need your voucher and U.S. Currency. Additionally, it is important to know the current balance on your ledger from your tenant portal because the in store personalle will not have access to that information.

2. What happens if the account number typed in and processed by the in store personnel is incorrect?
If you notice from the receipts that your account number typed in by the employee does not match the number you provided, immediately contact your Property Management Company with your name, account code, and copy of your receipt.

3. How can I find a retail location that partners with CheckFeePay?
Simply go to the payment screen on your tenant portal and click Search Payment Centers.