RHSS Rentals Tenant Portal – Renting Made Easy!


Pay Rent

No more writing checks or going to get a money order every month to pay your rent. With Tenant Portal, you are able to make ACH rent payments directly from your bank account (FREE to process), as well as make rent payments via credit card ($30 processing fee, Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted). You can also set up a recurring schedule for hassle-free rent payments each month – a convenient way to pay so you never forget!

Request Repairs

Have a problem, question or concern about your home? You can submit all maintenance requests and communicate with our customer service directly through the Tenant Portal.

As a reminder, being a tenant comes with standard maintenance responsibilities, including changing lightbulbs, landscaping, shoveling snow, unclogging toilets when you flush incorrect objects, fixing tenant- or guest-caused damages, and more. Please refer to your lease for more details regarding your home maintenance responsibilities. If it is tenant responsibility, please DO NOT submit a Work Order because if we dispatch a technician you may be assessed charges equal to the cost of the repair.

Check Your Account

All of your communication and account payment history will be accessible in the Tenant Portal 24 hours a day.

Access Documents

All important documents, including leases, the Resident Welcome Guide, EPA information and move out reminders, will be stored conveniently in the Tenant Portal for you to access anytime. Simply log on and find out anything you need to know!

Renter’s Insurance

As a renter, your primary financial interests are tied to your personal property. If an accident starts a kitchen fire, your possessions may be damaged or ruined. What many renters do not know is that a landlord’s insurance does not cover you. Landlords have no obligation to replace/repair your belongings, even though their insurance may cover the damage to the building. REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. has made the process of obtaining renters insurance for our tenants simple, safe and secure in as little as 3-5 minutes. Click here for more information.

Tenant FAQs

If you have questions, we have answers. Read some common Tenant FAQs or contact us through the Tenant Portal.