Tour It Yourself – How PointCentral Works

Prefer to tour a home on your own time? Driving by one of our properties and eager to see it immediately? With PointCentral, you can tour it yourself at your own convenience and be a step closer to your perspective new home!


Step 1
Find a property and click the “Tour It Yourself” button

If you find a rental home on our website that’s available for self-service inspections, click the “Tour It Yourself” button on the listing detail page and follow instructions to sign up.


Step 2
Provide contact and credit card information

This will secure your reservation and enable you to tour the property on your own time*

PointCentral smart home lock

Step 3
Receive a PIN code to unlock the front door

A 6-digit PIN code will arrive via text message and/or email which can be used to open the smart lock on the rental home’s front door. Remember to press the check mark button after entering the 6-digit code to open the door!


Step 4
Tour the home and apply right away

Enter the home and view it at your own convenience. Once you leave the home and re-lock the door, you will receive a survey about the property. Send us your feedback and then apply on this website right away!

Keyless Smart Home Locks from PointCentral are used for more than self-showings!

It’s also a smart home hub, allowing you to control the temperature, monitor your home, and more. Watch this video to see what keyless smart home locks have to offer:

*A one-time fee of $0.99 will be charged to your credit card to sign up for unattended self-showings with PointCentral.