Tour It Yourself – How Rently Works

Prefer to see a home on your own time? Driving by one of our properties and eager to preview/see it immediately? You can now tour a rental home and assess whether it fits your needs at your convenience.


Step 1
Search the Tour It Yourself page or Click the “Tour It Yourself” button

If you find a rental home on our website that’s available for self-service inspections, click the “Enter Property Yourself” button (Tour It Yourself – All Locations page) or “Tour It Yourself” button (listing detail page) and follow instructions


Call us at 855-662-8987

If you see a property that’s available for self-service inspections, you can call our customer service team to get started immediately


Step 2
Provide contact, credit card and mobile phone info

This will secure your reservation and enable you to tour the property on your own time*


Step 3
Receive a passcode to open lockbox

A passcode will arrive via text message which can be used to open the lockbox on the rental home’s front door


Step 4
Tour the home and apply right away

Enter the home and inspect at your leisure. Directly after departing the home and re-locking the lockbox (don’t forget!), you will receive an email with an application link and survey. Apply right away or send us your feedback!

*A fee of $0.99 will be charged for self-service tours reserved online. The credit card will be kept on file in case of damage to rental home during self-service tour.