Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Helping you find an affordable rental home is an important part of our mission. REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. works with housing authorities across the nation, from Fulton County in Atlanta to Cook County in Chicago, to accept Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8 vouchers) from verified program participants. Our inviting array of rental homes includes spacious single family houses, renovated townhomes, and welcoming condos – many of which are attainable as an applicant with Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8 vouchers).


  • Accepted In All States* – We accept Housing Choice (Section 8) vouchers for rental homes across the nation, from Maryland and Illinois, to Florida and California, and everywhere in-between. While we accept vouchers in all states, not all properties within those states accept Section 8 (properties not accepting Section 8 will be marked in the listing description).
    *While we accept Section 8 in all states, we may not be approved with all housing authorities in that state. Before applying, please contact our customer service representatives to determine if REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. is approved with your specific housing authority and that REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. is ready to accept vouchers from your local housing authority.

  • Initial Application Process – As a Housing Choice (Section 8) applicant, you are still required to go through the initial application process that is standard for all applicants, including:
    (1) Filling out the application form and attaching/sending necessary documents
    (2) Paying the non-refundable application fees
    (3) Passing the screening / background check
  • Please click here to view our full qualification requirements.

  • Important Application Documents – When applying, we require the following documents to verify sufficient income:
    (1) Your Housing Choice (Section 8) voucher(s)
    (2) Your standard income verification. This is important because tenants are still responsible for utilities and certain aspects of maintenance (e.g. cutting grass and changing lightbulbs)
  • Please click here to view our full application requirements.

  • Post-Approval Process – As a Housing Choice (Section 8) applicant, if you receive approval from our initial background screening process, you will have 48 hours to put down a $500 deposit to hold the home and remove it from the market. The home will be held for 21 days to facilitate completion of paperwork, inspections and move-in.
    • In addition to your hold deposit, you must mail your RTA packet to our office (or bring it to us), so we can fill it out and return. Please allow at least 3 business days for completion.
    • Once returned, you have 10 days to provide the local Housing Authority with the paperwork and work with them to conduct the home inspection

    • If Housing Authority approves home after initial inspection, we will move forward with the application process. You will need to pay remainder of the deposit (if applicable) and sign the lease
    • If Housing Authority does not approve home after initial inspection, they will contact us to resolve any issues and make any repairs. Once they re-inspect and approve, we will move forward with the application process. You will need to pay remainder of the deposit (if applicable) and sign the lease
  • If your paperwork, inspections (including re-inspections) and/or move-in are not complete within 21 days, the home will be re-listed immediately.

  • Pre Move-In Inspections – Before you can move in, you must work with the local housing authority to schedule and conduct an inspection to confirm quality living conditions. See Post-Approval process above for more details.



Before you apply, please read our: Qualification and Application Requirements >>